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Du lịch Huế và những điều bạn sẽ nhớ khi rời xa

“Has sometimes come to Hue dreaming. I embrace a sweet love. Hue’s beauty is nowhere to be found, gentle and thoughtful features. Love is like a hat of a poem from a deep, deep voice “. It seems that everyone who has been to Hue has fallen in love with this peaceful but so dear land.

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Travel Hue and things you will remember when you leave

1. Quietly gac Trinh coffee

If you have a chance to go Hue tourismIf you search for the house of the late musician, you will find that the house in Nguyen Truong To apartment near Phu Cam church has now been decorated into a cafe, displaying artifacts and compositions of Trinh Cong Son. The name “Gác Trinh” is based on the inspiration from the song “One night walking to the small attic” in the song “Suddenly seeing me as a waterfall” of the late musician.

Coffee space.  Photo: MASK

Coffee space. Photo: MASK

Trinh Cong Son’s music entered people’s hearts gently and deeply like the personality of this late musician. The atmosphere at his old house was just as quiet and calm as that, but left in his heart endless thoughts and memories of love and life.

A corner of Gac Trinh.  Photo: Tuan Med

A corner of Gac Trinh. Photo: Tuan Med

2. Sunset in Tam Giang lagoon

Running along the lagoon, you will admire the natural scenery with immense fields in the harvest season, small bridges with both sides of dark water or a romantic scene with one side of the field, the other one. Water waves in the golden afternoon sun. A few birds flutter and tiled bird fluttered in the air, once again swooping down into the fields as if chirping voices and laughter. Or can smell the aromatic aroma of rice mixed in the cool, airy air.

Cross Huong River, road to Tam Giang Lagoon.  Photo: Huynh Tuan

Cross Huong River, road to Tam Giang Lagoon. Photo: Huynh Tuan

Tam Giang Lagoon has a gentle and smooth surface with rippling waves. On the lagoon, floating a few boats running along the rows of piles, the net fences spread across the lagoon like square game boards. The lagoon is large and stretched in full sunlight.

The sunset was dyed purple in a corner of the sky.  Photo: Hachi8

The sunset was dyed purple in a corner of the sky. Photo: Hachi8

3. Truc Lam Bach Ma Zen Monastery

The monastery is located in the majestic Bach Ma range.  Photo: phuot24

The monastery is located in the majestic Bach Ma range. Photo: phuot24

At the end of Bach Ho mountain range is Tong Cai mountain peak, at the end of Thanh Long mountain is Truoi mountain, taking Tri Giang mountain as a Project Son, Truc Lam Bach Ma Zen monastery appears in the heart of Truoi lake like a flower, head on the mountain of Bach forest. The code is eye-catching. There was a Dragon and a Tiger, a storm in the mountains, Yen Tu’s holy soul or Truc Lam Zen stream seemed to be blending, pouring out the spirit of Bach Ma to become even more lively.

Photo: LongHip

Photo: LongHip

The scenery at the monastery is cloudy day by day, sometimes calm, sometimes floating, sometimes leisurely and free. If standing from Tri Giang, or from Luong Dien bridge (Truoi), or looking from Ngu Binh (Hue), we can see white clouds shaped like a horse. Therefore, people call this mountainous area Bach Ma. For Westerners, Bach Ma is seen as the sun. Therefore, with a paradise-like setting, abbot Thich Tam Hanh determined to build a monastery in order to help Buddhist monks and nuns have a place to cultivate their nature. Now, the monastery is also a place where many tourists come to worship Buddha and enjoy the majestic scenery.

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Overview of Truc Lam Bach Ma monastery. Clip: Thanh Lyly


1. New Star Hotel Hue

2. Golden Lotus Hotel Hue

3. Imperial Hue Hotel


4. Hai Van Pass – The first majestic Thien Ha

Hai Van Pass is also known as Ai Van Pass or May Pass, 500 m high above sea level, 20 km long, crossing the Bach Ma mountain range, is a part of the Truong Son range running close to the sea. On the top of Hai Van pass, there is a gate. This gate is called Hai Van Quan, built in the Tran dynasty, and was restored in the Nguyen dynasty in 1826. The gate to Thua Thien has three words “Hai Van Quan”, the door looks down on Quang hỗ trợ with the title “Heavenly First Hero concern ”.

Hai Van Pass is ranked in the Top 10 most beautiful roads in the world by The Guardian page of the UK.  Photo: Huynh Tuan

Hai Van Pass is ranked in the Top 10 most beautiful roads in the world by The Guardian page of the UK. Photo: Huynh Tuan

Although there are road tunnels through the Hai Van pass today, and the topography of the pass still has some obstacles, many visitors still prefer to walk on this road to enjoy. On good days, they can see quite clearly a part of Da Nang city, Tien Sa port – Son Tra peninsula, Cham isle, … and long yellow sandy beaches embrace the vast blue water of the sea. .

The road to the top is steep and winding.  Photo: Lam Minh Hiep

The road to the top is steep and winding. Photo: Lam Minh Hiep

5. Lang Co Bay – Lap An Dam

Lang Co Bay is a natural scenic spot of Hue. Lang Co Beach has long been known as one of the best in Vietnam with natural conditions and landscapes – with white sand more than 10 km long, beautiful immense clear blue waters, Besides, there are vast tropical forests on undulating mountains, between the mountains and the sea, is the mysterious large Lap An lagoon.

Lang Co Bay, blue and white sand.  Photo: Danangtourism

Lang Co Bay, blue and white sand. Photo: Danangtourism

About 70 km south of Hue, located at the foot of Hai Van pass, nature has endowed Lap An lagoon with a winding path around the lagoon like a soft silk ribbon. Here, there is a species of seafood called “specialty”, “pearl of heaven” … that is oysters. Do not know since when, people here know how to take advantage of damaged rubber tires to catch oysters. Lap An lagoon is most beautiful in the sunset, causing many tourists to be surprised, and if they do not have time to shoot, everyone wants to watch to capture many beautiful moments of the nature.

Magic Lap An sky lights.  Photo: Nguyen Ngoc Minh

Magic Lap An sky lights. Photo: Nguyen Ngoc Minh

6. The complex of relics of the ancient capital is large

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The complex of the ancient capital of Hue are historical-cultural relics built by the Nguyen dynasty in the period from the early 19th century to the first half of the 20th century in the area of ​​the old imperial city of Hue; now belongs to Hue city and some surrounding areas of Thua Thien-Hue province. Most of these monuments are now under the management of the Hue Monuments Conservation Center and recognized by UNESCO as World Cultural Heritage on December 11, 1993.

Penthouse.  Photo: Le Tan Loc

Penthouse. Photo: Le Tan Loc

World cultural heritages of Imperial Citadel include Hue Citadel, Hue Imperial City, and the Forbidden City. Hue Citadel was surveyed by King Gia Long in 1803, construction started in 1805 and completed in 1832 under the reign of Emperor Minh Mang. The Imperial City is located inside the Imperial City, which protects the most important palaces of the court, the shrines of Nguyen ancestors and protects the Forbidden City – a place reserved for the king and the royal family. The Forbidden City known as the Palace is the third wall of the imperial city of Hue, limiting the working, living and living areas of the king and the royal family.

The Hoang Thanh and the Forbidden City are commonly referred to as the Dai Noi. There are also other mausoleums such as Gia Long mausoleum, Minh Mang mausoleum, Thieu Tri mausoleum, Tu Duc mausoleum, Dong Khanh mausoleum, Duc Duc mausoleum, Khai Dinh mausoleum …

Minh Mang tomb.  Photo: Le Tan Loc

Minh Mang tomb. Photo: Le Tan Loc

7. Soup bowl of Hue beef fragrant

It is the most famous and popular dish of many tourists in the specialties in Hue. Hue beef noodle soup has a unique flavor that can not be found anywhere, that is the sweet taste of spices along with the smell of lemongrass, shrimp, broth, boiled meat served with herbs, lemon, pepper, fish sauce … create a strange attraction.

Bun Bo Hue.  Photo: tinmoi

Bun Bo Hue. Photo: tinmoi

It is not difficult to find a Hue beef noodle shop, especially the delicious vermicelli restaurants that are very popular, but famous for their quality and very affordable price. Referring to Hue vermicelli, there are famous restaurants such as “acne Drops” near Dieu De Pagoda, vermicelli Le Dien Bien Phu Street or the vermicelli shops on Nguyen Du Street which are the most crowded and often visited by other tourists. .

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8. Mussel rice

Rice with mussel is a rustic dish but it is a delicious dish in Hue with a strong flavor of the people of Hue. The ingredients for cooking mussel rice are simply everyday dishes such as white rice cooked to cool with mussel meat, spices and deep fried fat but delicious. Can be eaten with raw vegetables such as banana flowers, bean sprouts, roasted peanuts and chopped white taro.

Mixed rice with mussels.  Photo: Wikipedia

Mixed rice with mussels. Photo: Wikipedia

The price of a very cheap mussel rice is only about 10,000 VND, to enjoy delicious mussel rice, you should go to Hen alcohol or Sister Nho restaurant on Pham Hong Thai street.

9. The heavy rains

In Hue, the scenery is usually quiet, in the rainy season it is even more sad, mossy houses are covered with muddy alleys, wet streets, the sky is gloomy from morning to night, gray, cold, so Therefore, those who live far away to Hue to study, everyone get tired of Hue rain.

Hue rain.  Photo: thuvm

Hue rain. Photo: thuvm

Only the children of Hue are familiar, adapting to the erratic weather here, as though absorbed in the blood, flesh and soul, making them become calmer. Wherever it rained heavily from day to month, it was raining so hard that the earth turned to sand, just opening your eyes saw white rain in the window frame, having breakfast with a peaceful symphony of rain and sleep. Sleep is also accompanied by the mesmerizing melody of the rain?

Truong Tien Bridge a rainy day.  Photo: dulichhue

Truong Tien Bridge a rainy day. Photo: dulichhue

Hue rain has been a bridge to show many sad and happy memories, love, dreams … of the expatriate children. Perhaps it was the heavy rains month after month, winter after winter that tested and created patience and endurance; calm and gentle personality; Compulsive and relaxed posture of people, especially women here.

10. The poem hat

The profession of making conical hats has been famous in Hue for a long time, but the hat making of poems has only been around since 1959. The people of Tay Ho are always proud of their hometown as the origin of Hue poems hat. The hat of the poem was born in Tay Ho as an accident. That was in the year 1959-1960, Mr. Bui Quang Bac – a conical hat streamer, also a lover of poetry in the village had the initiative to make a poem hat, by squeezing the verses into the middle of the two classes. leaves, further honoring the beauty of the hat.

Pictures inside the hat of the poem.  Photo: adiros

Pictures inside the hat of the poem. Photo: adiros

The hat of Hue poems is like the hat in some other localities across the country, but the distinctive feature bearing the imprint of Hue style is the soft elegant hat shape, the cool white bright green color of the leaves and the the pattern is created skillfully, the layout is balanced between two layers of leaves, only when illuminating in the light can this poetic beauty be realized. And to make the hats this poem is an art, requires the dexterity and skill of the hat-making artists.

The Hue girl is gentle in her flowing ao dai and poetic hat.  Photo: Nhut Tran

The Hue girl is gentle in her flowing ao dai and poetic hat. Photo: Nhut Tran

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